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Shardforge Alpha Booster Display Box - Preorder

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Shardforge is a Trading Card Game where players build a party of heroes, forge powerful magic items, and cast devastating spells - be the first to forge the astral gateway before your forge is corrupted by the ravenous "Greed," a horde of shadow monsters who are hellbent on consuming the shards and corrupting everything in their path.

The defining feature of Shardforge is that players can customize their cards through gameplay, and it offers immersion through champion cards and their unique interactions. Shardforge feels more like your champions are really in the heat of battle, casting spells, crafting items, and battling the enemy.

This is a crowdfunding pre-order. Available only until December 19th, 2022. Your contribution goes toward the art and production of the Shardforge TCG. Upon release, you will receive the following:

Shardforge Alpha Booster Display Case (8 Booster Display Boxes) includes:
  • 1 Booster Box, containing 18 randomized Alpha Booster Packs.

Each Alpha Booster Pack Features:

  • 15 Shardforge: TCG Alpha Cards in total
  • 1 Premium Alpha Promo card in every pack
  • 1 Elemental Shard card in every pack
  • 1 Token card in every pack

Each Shardforge Alpha Booster contains 15 cards and 1 token card. Packs consist of 2 cards of rarity Rare or higher, 2-3 Uncommons, and 8-10 Common cards,1 Elemental Shard card, and 1 token card. Artist Signature Foil Exalted Rare in 1% of boosters. (Artist Signature Foil Exalted Rares replace the common slot.)

Be among the first to test this upcoming game, designed and developed by Skyfall Game Studios.

All pre-orders will immediately receive a thank you letter from the creator, along with a signed pre-alpha test card. Pre-alpha test cards are not meant for resale.

Shardforge Alpha Release date: To Be Determined. (We are aiming for winter 2023).

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