Shardforge: the Card Game - Alpha Starter Set

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Shardforge is a two-player strategy card game where players take on the role of a Shardcaster. Build a party of heroes, forge powerful magic items, and cast devestating spells - be the first to forge the astral gateway before your forge is currupted by the ravenous "Greed," a horde of shadow monsters who are hellbent on consuming the shards and corrupting everything in their path.

The defining feature of Shardforge is that players can customize their cards through gameplay.

The Shardforge: the Card Game - Alpha Starter Set includes:
  • 240 Alpha Test Cards, including;
    • 5 Pre-made 40 card decks (one of each of the five Magic Classes; Fire, Earth, Water, Shadow and Light)
    • 15 Unique Hero Cards (3 per Magic Class)
    • 5 Forge Cards (1 per Magic Class)
    • 20 Token Cards (4 per Magic Class)
  • 1 Commemorative, Full-Art, Limited Edition Alpha Forge Card (This will be a high quality full-art version of 1 of the 5 Forges, or of the secret forge card.)
  • 50 Enchantment Emblems
  • 50 acrylic crystal shards

*Note: With the exception of the Commemorative Full-Art Forge card, the art on early alpha products may vary in quality and style.

Be among the first to test this upcoming game, designed and developed by Skyfall Game Studios.
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