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A beautiful shooting star lights up the night sky, the people of the elven capital, Sylvervale, look on in awe at a sky aglow with a thousand colorful lights; mesmerized by the intense beauty as the lights filled the sky, unknowing that in a moment, their city would be erased from the world once the star crashed, leaving a glowing crater where their great city once stood...

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Shardforge: Origins

Explore the spellbinding history of the Shardforge universe

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Shattered Mountain Ridge

Outcasts and exiles from around the world unite at the Shattered Ridge under the thousand banners of the Hinterland Tribes.


The Molten Forge rests atop the Shattered Mountain Ridge, home of the Hinterland tribes and resting place of the Phoenix Goddess, Hellsong. 

Once an unstoppable force, the Hinterland tribes were a single war band with unmatched fury and power, until the Heart of Hellsong stopped beating. The tribe's chieftain, Fenris, had used all of the forge's power and drained Hellsong of her life.

Shardforge: The Card Game

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A deeply strategic and elegant tabletop card battle game

Shardforge: The Card Game's alpha test series is now available. Members can sign up to receive a demo, or to purchase the test kit. At this time, since Shardforge is in the alpha stages, we highly value getting your opinion of the game. You will recieve a link to our Discord with any support or preorder.